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ACR 2021 Summer Intern: Michelle Lee

Hi, my name is Michelle Lee and I am a business student at the University of Notre Dame originally from Dublin, Ohio! I virtually interned for the American Club of Rome during the summer of 2021 from May 31st to July 16th and focused specifically on marketing. As my first ever internship, I couldn’t have been happier! The American Club of Rome allowed me to explore a variety of tasks including designing graphics for event promotion, writing a press release, putting together an email newsletter, editing ACR’s website, and even editing and uploading podcasts. The President of the club, Silvia Zamarripa, was a very supportive supervisor who promptly and thoroughly answered any questions I had during the internship process. Furthermore, I was able to develop a variety of skills including communication skills, time management, and adaptability. I found the internship to be very manageable paired with other commitments of mine, yet still very fruitful and exciting.

Overall, I would highly recommend college students to intern with the American Club of Rome in the future as my internship experience has definitely increased my confidence in pursuing future work/internship opportunities.

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