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The American International Club of Rome is a vibrant, fun, and welcoming expat organization for those interested in all things American. We host business networking events and cultural events such as academic lunches, museum tours, concerts, trivia nights, cocktail parties, member-exclusive black-tie dinners and, of course, our Fourth of July celebration. Since 1953 we have been welcoming expats to Rome and we look forward to welcoming you to AICR!

Mission Statement

To encourage Americans, Italians, and citizens of other countries to meet in a congenial, relaxed setting and to provide an opportunity to enjoy mutual interests and experiences through cultural, educational, and social exchanges. AICR is committed to the enrichment of international friendships through participation in, and support of, activities of a business, social, civil, and charitable nature.

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American Int'l Club of Rome Executive Board
Silvia Anna Zamarripa- President
Marco Elser- Vice President
Diana Rocco- Treasurer

Blaine Brown- Secretary

American Int'l Club of Rome Board of Directors

Loretta Dusini- Board Member (US Embassy Liaison)

Fabio Ferrari- Board Member (Deputy Treasurer)

Marcel Kaminstein- Board Member

Luigi Ludovici- Board Member

Shay Miller- Board Member

Scotti Rhodes- Board Member

Bob Sonnabend- Board Member
Stella Taneva- Board Member

Anna Tasca- Board Member