What Company Should You Choose?
What Company Should You Choose?

Assuming that you are an American citizen (or a citizen of any other country) and want to move to Italy, you have two possibilities:

  • You can either contact a local company;

  • Or you can contact a company in the destination country.

Our advice is to make a choice only when you have all the information on the company and, based on such information, said company appears to be trustworthy.

For example, we, at Bliss Moving & Logistics, carried out many removal services for persons who contacted us directly from the origin country. Whether they are new or old customers, we know how to find the best solution for their removal. How?

  • Clarity in communication and assistance during the entire removal;

  • Worldwide qualified and specialized partners who handle the service (at origin or destination) on our behalf;

  • Qualifications and high-performance standards;

  • Exclusive ancillary services.

Now, if you want to be sure that you have chosen the right partner for your removal, all you have to do is follow our advice and pinpoint the above characteristics.

Are my personal belongings safe?

Choosing the right removal company means also understanding the percentage of accidents that occurred during the last working year in the services it handled. Does it make any sense to choose a company with a percentage equal to or higher than 10%? I really don’t think so. Moreover, I must say that it is not necessary to pay attention only to this aspect, as the ideal thing would be to add to the removal contract an insurance policy which may reassure you on the integrity of your belongings during the shipment.


For example, Bliss Moving & Logistics has an accident percentage equal to 3% and we offer our customers, as an ancillary service, something that is much more than a mere insurance policy à the Bliss Protection Plan, an insurance plan with “all risks covered” through an ad hoc insurance policy entered into with the world leading insurance company as regards the transportation sector: London Lloyds. Plus other exclusive services.

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