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Visit the Harley Davidson Museum, Milwaukee

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

We really couldn’t miss the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee at the legend’s head office, where everything started. We took an Amtrak train from the Chicago Union Station, feeling like children going to Disneyland, to the Milwaukee Intermodal Station. It is situated 10-15 walking minutes from the Harley Davidson Museum (take St. Paul Avenue and then 6th Street going on the backside of the station, walking through the street or the bridge that crosses the Menomonee River).

Note: Harley Davidson Museum is not just a place for enthusiasts of the legendary custom bike. Here more than a century of American (and world) history is told, starting from 1903: bikes used to deliver the mail, for war, for army and police; the evolution of the machines, of the comfort; books, movies and culture bonded to a symbol and that influenced, closely or from a distance, the lives of all of us.

Visit the Harley Davidson Museum: old plaques

Visiting the Harley Davidson Museum

The entrance to the museum is $20, but it’s free to Veterans and HOG members.

The smell of rubber, oil, and paint, the rumble of engines, and the black walls where the array of details catches your attention are the best welcome one can imagine.

Take a dive with us into this legendary world there are HOG chapters, Veterans, MCs, and amazed families. In their eyes you can see reflections of what they can see in ours: love, pride, and astonishment. That’s the strength of Harley-Davidson - making you feel part of something huge. If you ride a Harley, you’re a brother. This sentiment is also true at the museum, where perfect strangers exchange opinions, ideas, and comments… but most of all smiles.

Written by Lucia Parpaglioni - 7 February 2017 for

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