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Introducing Evelyn Hill

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

From the hills to the mountains, Evelyn Hill has explored all Italy has to offer over the past decade. Living in Italy since the age of 18, Evelyn transitioned from her small hometown in Vermont to life in a foreign country without looking back. Now residing in Torino, Evelyn has lived in four of Italy’s twenty regions.

Across the decade, Evelyn shared some of the main differences she noticed since moving from the United States:

  • Legality: obtaining a Visa is more difficult than one would imagine!

  • Translation: once they hear the American accent there could be some assumptions that go along with it

  • Coffee size

  • No turning right on red

  • Happy hour vs. aperitivo: aperitivo is more social, upbeat, and more likely to be outside than happy hour

  • Dinner times: the typical Italian dinnertime is much later than the United States


It is our honor to have Evelyn sharing her content with the American International Club of Rome. I encourage you to check out her personal work as a travel planner and Italy consultant at her website Dalle Colline Alle Montagne, or Instagram.

And if you ever need a wine recommendation, Evelyn is the girl to go to!

Don't forget to check out our club's pages linked below!

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