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Introducing Blaine Brown

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Blaine Brown exudes a passion for all things Italy. As an AIS/CMS Silver Pin Sommelier, Blaine’s expertise expands beyond wine, evident in her love for food, music, language, and culture. She has made her home in Italy since 2015 and now thrives in the eternal metropolis of Rome.

Growing up in the music industry in Los Angeles, she has an ear for the delightful cadences between people and places, and has grown a business out of diving into the lifestyles of locals. With Escape Artists, the Tour Operator that she runs with her mother, Blaine designs enogastronomic, heritage, spiritual, and adventure tours for discerning Americans. Focusing on authentic experiences, boutique accommodations, and typical products of the hidden gems of Italy, she creates custom vacation plans for each individual client and acts as their Italian concierge, bringing the personality back into customer service.

Eloquent in English, Italian, and Spanish, a fluent singer-songwriter, and with no known food allergies, Blaine is ready to share all her experience and secret tips of Italy with the AICR family. You'll remember her as the singer of the National Anthem at the 4th of July BBQ 2020, and as a member, she hopes to have a cheers and a schmooze with you at the next event! Visit Escape Artists for more information about her business or YouTube at The Blaine Brown to hear her sing!

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