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Introducing Ann Tatangelo

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Ann Tatangelo is a professional researcher and owner of Angel Research. Originally from England, Ann has since lived in Canada and Italy. However, once Ann moved to Italy to be with her husband, she knew that Italy was where she was meant to be. While in Italy, she began researching her husband’s Italian family in her free time. Doing this, Ann fell in love with Italian research and has since made genealogy into her professional career. Today, Ann lives an hour outside of Rome and stays busy with Angel Research.

Angel Research first started when an Englishman saw Ann’s work and offered to pay her to do research for him. It then sparked an idea in Ann’s head: to make a business out of this. From there, Angel Research was created, and word quickly spread. Ann has seen some very intriguing stories while researching different families for clients. Typically, Ann says she finds one key record that leads to all her amazing finds, and once she gets that first record, everything else falls into place. It helps that in Italy, women do not take their husband’s last name, so this saves a lot of time and energy by not having to worry about finding marital records to get maiden names.

Typically, Ann’s clients are mostly Americans and Canadians, with some Australians, Scottish and Englishmen reaching out to her as well. Ann connects with her clients first through emails, but also tours the client's family’s hometown with them. This has brought her to many towns all over Italy, but her favorite was when she went to Naples to look for a client’s great grandfather’s grave.

Overall, Angel Research has seen a lot of success because genealogy has been gaining a lot more attention recently. Ann is able to give insight into various legal documents, enabling her clients to understand their ancestors better. Many have decided to emigrate and leave the beautiful country of Italy behind them, most never to return. For many Americans, regaining an Italian citizenship is a way to validate their ancestor's sacrifices.

Be sure to check out her website to learn more about her services, Italian history, and to view her book!

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