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#myamericandolcevita with Nina Farrell

Get to know our first member of the #myamericandolcevita campaign, Nina Farrell. Nina came to Europe in 1998 seeking an experience abroad and settled in Prague for a year, just prior to relocating to Rome. Upon meeting her Italian husband in Rome, Nina decided to stay. She has since called Italy home and has relocated to the Castelli Romani.

Nina is the owner of Azienda Carafa Jacobini and is a wine producer. She similarly works as a wine communications consultant with a particular emphasis on wineries in the Lazio and Tuscany regions.

Similar to many expats, one of the hardest things Nina endured with the transition was learning the native language and the complications that language barriers created. Above all else, however, the greatest challenge was being apart from her family in the US. Despite this distance, however, she has fully embraced Italian culture. She has a close relationship with Italian locals, married an Italian individual, consults for Italian wineries, and is involved with various Italian organizations. Despite finding herself away from the US, she has found American communities here in Rome through various organizations, including the American Club of Rome. She has found a group of American peers in her current town of Genzano di Roma.

As a further extension of her current career expertise, Nina has goals to finish restoring a 16th century mill to open wine tastings and wine tours in Ariccia, in addition expanding her wine product line.

Nina was the manager of the ACR from 2005 until 2016 and has since been made an honorary member. She was first introduced through a past manager of the club and friend, Helen Bannigan. Above all else, she prizes the community, events, and lasting connections made with Americans based in Rome and the Lazio region. She has a particular fondness for the “lifers” that have a long history with the club and with Rome. Ultimately, the members of the club and the experiences collectively shared with the Board of Directors has made her experience with the ACR so special.

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